How to Save Over 80% on Automotive Classified Ads

My name is Vinny and I’m a car nut. There, I’ve said it! Now you know. I’m hopelessly hooked and it is definitely incurable. I’ve been told that by some very reliable members of my family (my wife specifically).

So you may be saying, “Ok, what’s this got to do with saving money on classified ads?” Well, here it is. I really love all kinds of cars – classics & streetrods in particular and some of the newer ones too. So in my spare time, I’m always looking at classified magazines and websites just checking things out to see all the beautiful cars I can’t afford.

I just can’t believe how crazy expensive these ads have become. Have you seen them lately? In a popular magazine, you start out with, well, let’s call it a basic price ad. Then the choices start. Do you want a bigger photo? Do you want it in color? Do you want a headline? Do you want it bold? Do you want to go broke even before you sell your vehicle? I’m not kidding – this ad can cost over $270 – for a single month! You can just feel your money flying out of your wallet.

Some of the online sites are just as bad. You’ll be enticed by a free ad and then BAM! Do you want to upgrade? Do you want to automatically re-list? Do you want to – well you get the picture. Here we go again so hold onto your wallet. Stop this insanity!

There’s a simpler and far less expensive way to advertise.

First, let’s talk about private advertisers like you and I. If you are an occasional advertiser, maybe a couple of times a year, grab a free ad that will give you 100 words and 3 pictures per ad. Never any additional fees or upgrades. So far so good, right?

Keep reading because this gets even better.

If you’re the kind of guy (or gal) who works on cars and you’re buying and selling all the time, then it’s important to find a POP – that’s Pay One Price type of classified where you can advertise for an extended period of time all for the one low price. You probably think you read that wrong. So here it is again – Pay One Price for an ENTIRE year! No upgrades and no additional fees! Oh yeah, how about being able to include video too. Now we’re talkin’. But is there a classified site that will save you all kinds of money and at the same time offer all kinds of benefits?

There is but you have to do your homework.

How about all the commercial advertisers out there- dealers, part suppliers, service providers, rest shops etc. You can run ads too on a POP classified site and realize amazing savings and benefits. What about upgrades and additional fees? Nada! Nothing!

This is how to save over 80% on classified ads. If you belong to a car club and want to help fellow members save a ton of money this is the way to go. Maybe you have an automotive related site and would like to show your customers or subscribers to your newsletter how to save a bundle on advertising.

The place to go is a POP classified site. There’s not many out there but if you look hard enough in this article, I know you’ll find one.

Hey, maybe if we all save enough, we can get that beautiful ’57 Chevy – or whatever your favorite might be. Hope to see you there.